Free Masterclass: Learn the online business model that can unlock time and location freedom

Discover the skillset & mindset to create a thriving digital income that aligns with you (this training is different to anything you've seen!)



We're Chris & Laura



 Welcome Freedom Lovers, Travel Enthusiasts & Big Dreamers!


We're an everyday couple that never quite fit into the mould of the "typical" 9-5 lifestyle- clocking in endless hours, counting down the days to a brief vacation. That narrative just never sat well with us. There was always a yearning for something bigger in our life...


After a pretty bold move to rent out our home & spend a year travelling the world our commitment to living on OUR own terms was made even stronger! So we decided to take control of what we truly wanted wanted, which was an online income that would allow us all the freedom we craved our of life. 


Now we're creating a life on our own terms with an online business that allows us the freedom to to live how we choose. It's a feeling unlike any other, knowing that everyday can be ours to shape and mould according to us (not a boss). Whether it's packing our bags for an impromptu trip or just having more time to do the things we love.


Now we're on a mission to show everyday people that a life of freedom and fulfilment is within their reach. ANYONE can learn the skills and mindset it takes to create a different reality.


Ask Yourself this?....


✔️ Would I LOVE the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime with just my lap top or phone?


✔️ Am I ready to take change of my own income?


✔️Am I so ready to leave behind the 9-5 grind - and never have to request time off again, ask for a raise or spend my days building someone else's dream?


✔️ Am I craving the ability to provide for myself, my family and create a sustainable long term business?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, 

WE KNOW the feeling and you're not alone!



A few years ago we were in the exact same position.


We knew that a life bound by working for someone else and rigid schedules would never give us the true freedom we craved. We decided we wanted more! So we finally took the leap and created a business that would allow us to work remotely, follow our passions, and live on our own terms.


If you're ready to make a change and finally go after what you truly want - there is no better time to create an online business so you can start living a life of -


Abundance, Unapologetic Freedom And Aligned Online Success!



In This Masterclass You'll Learn:


✔️ How to create a thriving digital lifestyle business through selling other people's products and services (that align with you) without having to create your own! 


✔️ How to build your online business without having to get involved in MLM's , shady get rich quick tactics or the pressure to become insta famous.


✔️Learn how to sidestep the 3 biggest mistakes that can stop you from ever earning a dollar online. Especially if you're a total beginner to the digital world!


✔️ Learn how automation in your business can create a "Time Freedom Framework" - what you need to build to replace yourself and make sales without being present.


✔️BONUS - The mindset shifts that are so important when you are looking to create a new income stream (this is what's SO different about this training!)